The story or legend of the Thai Lucky Voodoo Dolls

A long time ago, when all creatures were being created, a new tribe of Lucky Charm Voodoo Dolls saw the light of day for the first time. The Heavens shook and the Earth trembled like never before. They sprung up and with their magical powers to spread love, luck and inspire their owners to reach their dreams and goals; they quickly became the most loved magical Voodoo Dolls of all times. The tribe of Voody – The Magical Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls Worm was born…

Living on a Magical Island all members of the Voody Tribe are extremely curious and love to inspire and help others. Getting to know your own personal Voodoo Doll means spending time with him or her. Hang him from you Cellphone, bag or rearview mirror. Bring him everywhere. The more you hang out the better the Voodoo Doll can inspire you to reach you goals and dreams.  

Each Voodoo Doll comes with special powers, which they have obtained, while they lived in Voody Land, which is on a Magical Island. No human has ever set foot on The Magical Island and the exact location is a secret.  You must take care of your Voodoo Doll. He needs time to relax and meditate just as he did in Voody Land.  

In Voody Land all the Voodoo Dolls will usually spend time meditating each day, so that their powers and skills grow strong. Once they have reached the ultimate knowledge, they are ready to venture out into the human world and live among us. They will inspire us every day.

All the Voodoo Dolls are good luck charms and have no negative or bad powers at all. They can only be used for good purposes.

Since they were born they have been surrounded by love and tender care. From the time they are sewn until the time they are ready to walk among us.

Once citizens of Voody Land, these Voodoo Dolls are now venturing out on their own. They've been sewn with luck and friendship and are waiting to hang out with you!


Each doll is uniquely different!